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We take our responsible lending obligations extremely seriously at poor credit installment loans. This is because we recognise the high risk nature of the product we arrange. As a result, we have developed policies to minimise the chances of causing monetary harm to anyone who borrows from us.

Our loan product has been developed to try and cushion our customers through any unexpected downturn in their monetary circumstances. We do this by arranging personal loans over longer periods. This type of borrowing is different from your conventional Installment loans as we are able to set slighter, more controllable monthly repayments, opposed to paying us back in one large hit when you next get paid.

Is a Loan from us right for you?

We need to ensure you are making the correct decision when key to borrow from us. This is because our loans are categorised as High Cost installment loans and are a relatively expensive way to borrow. We are proud to be able to arrange some of the less expensive installment loans on the market. However, there may be alternatives that are cheaper for you from Banks and Longer term lenders.

We also want you to be aware that borrowing from an installments lender will leave a search footprint on your credit file. This may act as a negative factor if you’re applying for a loan or other long term loans, soon after taking out a High cost installment loans.

If you know that you aren’t going to be able to pay back a loan from us in full and on time, before you take out the loan. We muscularly advice you not to do so. This is because missing payments and defaulting on our loans can have serious costs. These may include negative marks on your credit file which may prevent you from attractive out future credit agreement’s, including mortgages, credit cards, car finance, and other financial arrangements.

  • Before you begin you will requirement...
  • Valid emails address and phone number
  • Address information for the past 3 years- Your income and outgoings
  • Your bank account and debit card information- Also you must...
  • Be over the age of 18, be a UK resident
  • Not be bankrupt, Agree to a credit check- Our Credit and Affordability assessments

At poor credit installment loans we do all we can to confirm customers don’t borrow more than they can afford. We use 3 quantifiable parameters to decide the reasonableness and appropriateness of a credit for a client. The subsequent scores from every parameter are utilized to control a client's inward credit rating.

This score sets a client's acknowledge restrict as well as decides the most extreme length and least reimbursement plan for any given credit.

Another clients credit restrain is at first topped at USA$600. This is on the grounds that we get a kick out of the chance to fabricate confide in our connections before empowering them take out bigger credits. Existing clients can obtain up to $2000 subject shockingly constrain score. Typically this score will go up in the event that they made every one of their installments on time with advances they've had from us.

We will dependably utilize Credit Reference organizations to enable us to decide the reasonableness of an advance for a client. Regardless of whether this be utilizing them to recognize existing or settled credit understandings to distinguish notable installment designs. Or, on the other hand, utilizing them to confirm wage and outgoings uses by investigating saving money records

Settling on great loaning choices

What marks us out as not the same as different banks is the manner by which we process and oversee advance applications. We don't simply depend on PC calculations and advanced basic leadership instruments while tolerating or dismissing an advance application. We additionally adopt a human strategy to our basic leadership. We do this by relegating a Customer Care Manager to every last one of our candidates. These administrators will be available to help the candidate from beginning application, right the route through to reimbursement and re-acquiring at a later date. We subsequently become more acquainted with our clients on a direct premise, and their one of a kind arrangement of conditions. The majority of this support trust and means we can state yes where different banks would state no.

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